Accessibility Special Interest Section

Secretary: to be chosen after the official call for members

Welcome to the new Accessibility Special Interest Section!

This section brings together ACA members who are responsible for, or have an interest in, making archives accessible for people with disabilities in both the physical and online environments.

Our goals are to:

1- Educate

-Provide information on accessibility issues that impact archives.

-Collect, create and share information on accessibility related resources and new technologies that can be used to make archives more accessible for both patrons and employees.


-Provide a space where archivists can share accessibility related stories, successes and failures with each other, so we can learn from each other and support each other.


-Encourage ACA conference sessions that relate to accessibility issues.


-Establish relationships with accessibility organizations outside of the archival community, to raise awareness of archival accessibility and possibly collaborate on projects.

Please join us!