Archivaria - English

Archivaria, the journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists (ACA), is devoted to the scholarly investigation of archives in Canada and internationally.

The journal welcomes articles and other submissions exploring the history, nature, and theory of archives or the use of archives. The journal aims to be a bridge of communication among archivists, and between archivists and users of archives. The various issues serve well to indicate the breadth of possible subjects relating to archives: various media and their evolution and characteristics; theoretical problems; practical solutions; new fields of history (and related disciplines), and new kinds of documentation being explored by users; new technological developments; legal and ethical concerns; the history of archives, individual archivists, and archival trends; the analysis of record-keeping practices over time and space; the relationship of archivists to other information management professionals; and much else.

Archivaria is published semi-annually in spring and fall with grateful acknowledgement for assistance provided by Queen's  University and University of Toronto.

Archivaria is available by print or online subscription. Reprints of published articles as well as back issues are available. Individual and institutional members of ACA receive Archivaria as part of their membership.

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Note to Archivaria's Contributing Authors:

If you contributed articles to Archivaria (1975-2006) or the Canadian Archivist (1963-1974) and have not submitted permission for the digitization and e-publishing of your works, please contact the ACA office as soon as possible. If you are not certain whether your permission was submitted or not, please take a few minutes to contact the office by e-mail, phone 613-234-6977 or fax 613-234-8500 so that we can verify we have your permission on hand.