Workshops & Institutes


Each year in conjunction with the Annual Conference, ACA Professional Learning Committee coordinates one or more workshops which will be of interest both to archivists located in the region hosting the conference as well as to many individuals planning to attend the conference. These workshops offer intermediate to advanced information on a variety of topics, set with 1/2 day, full day and 2-day time periods, immediately prior or following the conference sessions.

2017 Workshop Opportunities

To register for any of these four workshops, click here for the Workshop PDF registration form.

1.  Protecting What Needs to Be Protected, Releasing What Should be Released: Principles and Guidelines for Access and Protection of Privacy in Canadian Archives

Instructors: Daniel German & Paulette Dozois

Description: Over the past thirty years, access/freedom of information and protection of privacy legislation has been enacted across Canada at all levels of government. The purpose of this workshop is to provide information on this legislation and suggest ways in which access can be increased at an archival institution. Participants will be exposed to the ethics and ethos that govern these policies and procedures: factors which should allow participants to better protect the information that legitimately needs protection while also affording institutions a basis for establishing rules governing access to their holdings. The workshop will review the new Systematic Declassification Block Review Project at LAC.  This risk assessment sampling methodology has to date reviewed over 24 million and opened over 22 million pages of previously restricted government records at LAC. Handouts and practice block reviewing will be part of the workshop.

Location: Ottawa Marriott

2.  Digital Preservation and Access with the Archives Canada Digital Preservation Service

Instructors:  Sara Allain, Christina Nichols, Dan Gillean

Description:  Archives Canada Digital Preservation Service (ACDPS) is a new hosted digital preservation and access service offered by the Canadian Council of Archives. This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to the Archives Canada Digital Preservation Service and the open-source tools that it’s built on:  Archivematica and AtoM (Access to Memory).Participants will gain an understanding of how to undertake digital preservation, access and archival description using tools specific to the ArchivesCanada Digital Preservation Service, but also will benefit from increased knowledge of digital preservation practices and how digital material can be made accessible to your users.

Location: University of Ottawa Library

3.  Career Disrupted! Considering Records and Archives Consulting as a Job Option

Instructors:  Laura Millar

Description:  Records and archives management consulting is an increasingly popular career choice and is an important option for archivists to consider in this digital, post-custodial world. Consulting can be risky but also rewarding. This workshop provides an overview of some of the issues associated with establishing and maintaining a freelance career in records and archives management.

Location: Ottawa Marriott

4.  Cause and Effect: A Hands on workshop with Sound and Moving Image Materials

Instructors:  Jonathan Wise, Krista Jamieson, Christina Stewart, Leslie Thomas-Smith

Description:  Disruption for sound and moving image (SMI) archival materials can come from biological, chemical, and mechanical damages to the objects. These serious problems are often compounded by the fact that many archivists do not have hands on experience with SMI materials, and do not have the knowledge to recognize the different types of deterioration or how to handle them. It can be incredibly intimidating dealing with issues like mold or vinegar syndrome without much information, other than knowing they are serious issues. This hands-on workshop aims to empower archivists to handle and assess SMI materials; from film to video, and audio tapes and reels with confidence and be able to work out a plan to triage the damage.

Location: hosted at the Canadian Museum of History

ACA Institute

The ACA Institute offers advanced level information, over a 2 or 3-day time period. An Institute on Digital Preservation Management was offered, September 25-28, 2012, in Montreal at McGill University in partnership with the McGill School of Information Studies. The following table identifies the themes, leaders and locations of previous ACA Institutes.

2012 Digital Preservation Management Nancy McGovern
Kari Smith
Carolyn Hank
Montreal, QC
2010 Institute on Personal Archives Catherine Hobbs
Sally Newman
Laura Carroll
Toronto, ON
2009 Institute was not offered    
2008 Institute was not offered    
2007 Why do they do that?: Understanding Our users Wendy Duff
Jackie Spence
Ian Anderson
Andrea Johnson
Kingston, ON
2006 Archives in the Wake of Hugh Taylor: Shaping Archival Programmes for the 21st Century Terry Cook
Tom Nesmith
St. John’s, NL
2005 Institute was not offered    
2004 Monetary Appraisal of Archival Records Marcel Caya
Ellwood Jones
Carman Carroll
Montreal, QC
2003 Archives in Society and Society in Archives Richard Cox
Michael Eamon
Miriam McTiernan
Terry Cook
Toronto, ON
2002 Approaches to the Preservation of Electronic Records Wendy Duff
Anne Van Camp
Hans Hofman
Vancouver, BC
2002 Calling the Shot: Archival Appraisal in Theory and Practice Barbara Craig
Terry Cook
Toronto, ON
2001 Modern Archives and the Australian Experience Chris Hurley
Sue McKemmish
Winnipeg, MB
2000 Calling the Shot: Archival Appraisal in Theory and Practice Barbara Craig
Terry Cook
Edmonton, AB
1999 Calling the Shot: Archival Appraisal in Theory and Practice Barbara Craig
Terry Cook
London, ON

Documents from previous Institutes are available on the ACA Members web site. Non-members interested in a previous event are encouraged to contact the Chair, Professional Learning Committee.

Forthcoming institutes are planned and scheduled by the ACA Professional Learning Committee. Any suggestions or requests for a specific topic or proposals for delivery on a specific theme should be forwarded to the Chair, Professional Learning Committee.