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Honours and Awards

ACA recognizes and celebrates its members with various honours and awards. These awards are provided through the ACA Awards Committee, ACA Foundation, and Archivaria Editorial Board.

Below is a list of these awards by category, with information on how to apply and/or nominate a member for every award, as well as a list of past award recipients,

ACA Awards

ACA Awards                                                                                                              

ACA Fellows Award

The highest recognition award, Fellows are celebrated and acknowledged for their long-standing service to the Association and the Canadian archival community.

The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals whom the ACA wishes to honour for their distinguished service to the archival profession. Fellows retain this distinction for life, provided they maintain their membership with the Association.

Fellows of the ACA are chosen based on longstanding membership in and demonstrated commitment to the ACA, extensive professional experience in archives or related fields, demonstrated achievement in the archival world, which may include leadership in the field, scholarship, and/or other outstanding contribution and which has had a cumulative impact on the archival field.

The Fellows category was instituted in 2009, transitioning from the category of Honorary Members which was in place from 1979. Between 1979 to 2008, the Association of Canadian Archivists recognized the following individuals for their distinguished service to the archival profession. These individuals are now recognized as the Founding Fellows of the ACA. 

A listing of past Award recipients is also available.

ACA Membership Recognition Award

The purpose of this award, given annually to any individual, affiliated association or institution who is a member of the Association in good standing, is:

  • to identify and honour those members of the Association who have made and continue to make significant contributions to the ACA and to the development of the archival profession;
  • to recognize, celebrate and encourage the professional achievements, contributions and excellence of ACA members in the field of archival practice;
  • to raise the standard of practice within the profession by recognizing and rewarding excellence;
  • to increase support for the aims and objectives of the ACA by recognizing and encouraging outstanding contributions; and
  • to promote interest in the archival profession in Canada by acknowledging publicly the contributions made by individual archivists.

A listing of past Award recipients is also available.

ACA Outreach and Advocacy Award

The purpose of this award is to identify and honour members of the ACA whose work has raised public awareness of archives and recordkeeping, and to recognize, celebrate, and encourage outstanding examples of advocacy and outreach within the archives and records profession. 

The Outreach and Advocacy Award was introduced in 2019.

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    ACA New Professional Award

    The purpose of this award is to recognize the accomplishments, dedication and spirit of those new to the field of archives and recordkeeping (including professionals working in archives, records management, information management, privacy, and preservation and conservation. This award highlights the leadership qualities of an early career professionals. 

    The New Professional Award was introduced in 2019.

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      ACA Honorary Archivist Award

      The purpose of this award is to recognize individuals whom the ACA wishes to honour for their contribution to the archival profession. The Honorary Archivist entitles recipients to attend the Association’s events, including the annual conference, AGM (non-voting ), and workshops at individual member’s rates.

      Honorary Archivist may be awarded to any individual, normally not a member of the ACA nor involved in the archival profession.

      A listing of past Award recipients is also available.

      ACA Foundation Awards                                                                  

      Ancestry Continuing Education Award

      This is an annual award of $1,200 and applicants may be pursuing training at any level that advances the applicant’s knowledge in archives or records management. Training could be through a university degree program, a college program, or any a single training session such as a workshop or institute. Applicants are assessed by a committee appointed by the Association of Canadian Archivists Foundation on the basis of a written application.

      More information in English :

      • Criteria for the Ancestry Continuing Education Award
      • Application form for the Ancestry Continuing Education Award  

      More information in French :

      • Formulaire de Demande pour la Bourse Ancestry Award 
      • Voici la formulaire d'application pour la Bourse Ancestry Award  
      Archivaria Awards                                                                             

      W. Kaye Lamb Prize

      Named for Dr. William Kaye Lamb, Dominion Archivist of Canada (1948-1969) and founding National Librarian of Canada (1953-1967), this prize, established in 1983, is awarded annually to honour the author of the Archivaria article that, by its exceptional combination of research, reflection, and writing, most advances archival thinking in Canada. It is the senior award of the journal for the best article overall.

      The winner of the Lamb Prize is selected by General Editor, with the assistance of the members of the Archivaria Editorial Board. Each member of the Board, including the General Editor, ranks his or her top three articles from first to third; points are then assigned (5 points for a first-ranked vote, 3 for a second, and 1 for a third), and the winner is declared, with the General Editor breaking any possible ties. No article by a participant in the selection process for the prize is eligible to win, unless he or she formally withdraws from the process.

      The first annual W. Kaye Lamb Prize was presented to Ian E. Wilson for his article, "'A Noble Dream': The Origins of the Public Archives of Canada," which appeared in Archivaria 15 (Winter 1982-83).

      Winners of the W. Kaye Lamb Prize, 1983 to present.

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      Hugh A. Taylor Prize

      The Hugh A. Taylor Prize was established in 2006 to honour the doyen of Canadian archival thinkers whose wide range of scholarly publications sparked the Canadian archival imagination. The prize is awarded annually to the author of the Archivaria article that presents new ideas or refreshing syntheses in the most imaginative way, especially by exploring the implications of concepts or trends from other disciplines for archival thinking and activity, and by extending the boundaries of archival theory in new directions.

      The winner of the Taylor prize is chosen by the General Editor and a professor of Archival Studies (selected by the General Editor), who will decide the winner by consensus. For the first five years, the latter role will be filled by Dr. Terry Cook of the University of Manitoba, a former General Editor of Archivaria, long-time member of its Editorial Board, and founding contributor for this prize. As with the Lamb Prize, no article by a participant in the selection process is eligible to win, unless he or she formally withdraws from the process.

      Both the Lamb and the Taylor awards consist of a certificate, a cash prize, formal notification in Archivaria, and listing on the ACA web site. The first Taylor Prize was for the 2006-07 year, selected from articles published in Archivaria numbers 62 and 63, and was announced at the 2007 ACA Awards Luncheon, along with the Lamb Prize covering the same issues. Full announcement of the winning authors and articles appear in Archivaria 64 (Fall 2007).

      Winners of the Hugh A. Taylor Prize, 2007 to present.

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      Gordon Dodds Prize

      The Gordon Dodds Prize, established in 2011, recognizes superior research and writing on an archival topic by a student enrolled in a Master’s level archival studies program at a Canadian university. The Award honours Gordon Dodds (1941-2010) who was the first President of the ACA, and Archivaria’s longest-serving General Editor.

      Winners will receive a certificate, a cash prize, publication of the winning entry in Archivaria, and a listing on the ACA website.

      Winners of the Gordon Dodds Prize.

      Eligibility Criteria

      The paper must have been written by a student enrolled at a Canadian university in a recognized Master’s level archival studies program (defined as one that is located in a university department, school, or faculty in which archival education is a specific component of a Master’s level degree program, either as a stand-alone program or as a formal track or concentration within a broader program).

      Submission Procedures

      Nominations must be submitted by a faculty member or instructor associated with the archival studies program to verify that the student paper was written within the context of an archival studies program between May 1 of the previous year and April 30 of the year of submission. A faculty member/instructor may submit more than one entry per award cycle.

      To nominate a paper, please complete the Gordon Dodds Prize Submission Form, prior to the deadline of June 30 of each year.

      What to submit:

      A complete submission consists of 3 parts:
      1. An unpublished manuscript of 5,000–8,000 words written on an archival topic written between 1 May 2019 and 30 April 2020 that conforms to Archivaria’s stylistic guidelines.
      2. An abstract (150-200 words)
      3. Complete guidelines and nomination form
      Only the title of the paper should appear on the submission; delete the name of the author, the program, faculty member/instructor, and any other identifying information.

      How to submit:

      Submit the nomination electronically to the Managing Editor at

      When to submit:

      Nominations can be submitted any time after May 1 of the current academic year.

      All nominations must be submitted by 30 June of the academic year.


      Submissions will be judged by the Dodds Prize Adjudication Committee on their scholarship, creativity, and clarity of writing. The Adjudication Committee is comprised of the General Editor of Archivaria, the ACA Board Liaison to Archivaria, and two members chosen annually by the General Editor.

      The results are announced in August, each year. The winner will receive a certificate, a cash prize of $100, publication of the paper in Archivaria, and a listing on the ACA website.

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