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Larry Dohey Award

Named after Larry Dohey, director of programming and public engagement at The Rooms in St. John’s, Newfoundland, the purpose of this award is to identify and honour members of the ACA whose work has raised public awareness of archives and recordkeeping, and to recognize, celebrate, and encourage outstanding examples of advocacy and outreach within the archives and records profession. 

First introduced as the Outreach and Advocacy Award in 2019, it was renamed the Larry Dohey Award in September 2020.


  • To identify and honour members of the Association whose work has raised public awareness of archives and recordkeeping;
  • To recognize, celebrate, and encourage outstanding examples of advocacy and outreach within archives and recordkeeping;


The Larry Dohey Award may be awarded annually to any individual or organization who is a member of the Association in good standing.


The Nominations and Awards Committee shall receive and evaluate all nominations.

The Committee shall decide the recipient(s) of the award for each year or decide that no award shall be given and recommend this decision to the Board for approval.

The Board of Directors shall approve the recipient(s) of the Larry Dohey Award.


Current members of the Board of Directors; Governance Committee; Awards Committee; Coordinators and Association employees are not eligible.

Selection Criteria

The Larry Dohey Award acknowledges an ACA member (individual or organization) whose work has fostered public awareness of archives, records management, and recordkeeping. The Award recognizes Advocacy and Outreach work that is particularly impactful and has raised public consciousness of the value of archives, records management, and recordkeeping either regionally, nationally, or internationally. Advocacy and Outreach work may include, but is not limited to:

  • Community Partnerships: Leadership in fostering collaboration between the profession and community-driven archives.
  • Exhibitions: An exhibition, either physical or digital, which demonstrates excellence and originality in exhibition content and design.
  • Indigenization: Innovative and proactive leadership in response to the Recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
  • Legislation: Advocating successfully for legal or policy changes that advance archives, records management, and recordkeeping.
  • Publicity: Excellence in representing the archives and recordkeeping profession in the media (print, radio, or television).
  • Writing & Publishing: Writing a finding aid or other form of archival description, an article, a book, or other publication, which demonstrates excellence in writing and fosters access to, and awareness of, archives.
  • Training Programs designed to educate those outside of the profession on archives, records management, and/or recordkeeping, implemented either within an organization or as part of a broader public outreach initiative.

Instructions for Submissions

All nominations must be accompanied by a completed nomination form describing the nominee’s achievements, related supporting documentation, and two letters of support from members in good standing. Nomination form and related documentation must be submitted electronically.

Deadline for Submissions

End of day - Thursday, April 14, 2022



Date and Place of Presentation

The Larry Dohey Award shall be bestowed at the Awards Celebration during the ACA Annual Conference in June 2022.

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Larry Dohey Award Recipients

2019: Anna St. Onge

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