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ACA Committees

Committee Volunteers

The ACA Board of Directors is supported by several standing committees, each with an important mandate. To learn more about each committee and ongoing initiatives, go to the committee page for more information.

Each ACA committee includes 5-8 members who contribute to the governance and leadership of the association. Members volunteer their time and expertise to serve archives and records professionals across Canada. In some cases, committees may be expanded to accommodate work plan priorities.

Interested in Volunteering?

The ACA encourages all individuals in good standing to volunteer for leadership positions. In addition to the open call for volunteers each Fall, the ACA may also posts opportunities throughout the year to join a standing committee or short-term task force.

Visit Volunteer with Us for more details or contact

Committee Members

Conference Planning

Jennifer Mohan, Chair

Ferrin Evans

Lara Wilson

Tanis Franco

Max Otte

Fred Farrell

Board Liaisons

Angela Fornelli, Vice President

Kyle Pugh, Treasurer


Ashlynn Prasad, Chair and Social Media Coordinator
Catherine Barnwell, Editor In the Field

Olivia White, Editor Scope and Content

Abbi Asokan, Social Media Team Lead

Cameron Welsh, Blog Team

Sarah Lake, Social Media Team member

Natalia Diaz, Social Media Team member

John Richan, Board liaison

Financial Review

Kyle Pugh, Chair

Tom Belton

Jennifer Mohan

Jennifer Nangreave


Ian Forsyth, Co-Chair

Shamin Malmas, Co-Chair

Alexandra Mills

Gillian Dunks

Heather Bidzinski

Lindsay Stokalko

Angela Fornelli, Board Liaison


Peter Houston, Co-Chair

Curtis Frederick, Co-Chair

Audrey Gan-Ganowicz

Suzanne Hervieux

Kaitlin Normandin

Nicole Aminian, Mentorship Program Coordinator

Kyle Pugh, Mentorship Program Coordinator

Alexandra Mills, Board Liaison

Nominations & Awards

Alice Albarda, Co-Chair

Shannon Hodge, Co-Chair

Susan Hart

Tanis Franco

Angela Fornelli, Board Liaison

Professional Development

Adria Seccareccia, Chair

Sonia Dhaliwal

Sam Frederick

Michael Marlatt

Heather Walker

Courtney King

Amanda Oliver, Board Liaison

Public Awareness & Advocacy

Robert McLelland, Co-Chair    
Rene Georgopalis, Co-Chair        
Sarah Hanahem    
Nancy Marrelli    
Andrea Tarnawsky

Emily Larson

Cheuk Kit Chung

Anna Gibson Hollow, Board Liaison

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