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Strategic Planning Working Group 2022-23


Chris Trainor (Co-Chair)
Angela Fornelli (Co-Chair)
Tawyla Smith
Allie Qurerengesser
Jill Teasley
Jesse Cason

Anna Gibson-Hollow, Board Liaison

Anyone interested in seeing the 2022 Membership Survey Report developed by The Portage Group may find it here: 2022 Membership Survey Report-June 2022.pdf

Terms of Reference

Purpose: The purpose of the Strategic Planning Working Group is to develop a Strategic Plan for the ACA that will guide the activities of the association.

Responsibilities: The Strategic Planning Working Group responsibilities include:  

  • Review the current ACA Strategic Plan, Moving Forward Together, and the ACA 2022 Membership Study survey results.  
  • Review and potentially revise vision, strategic priorities and objectives to guide the association.  
  • Prepare a draft Strategic Plan for membership review prior to AGM vote.
  • Propose a method to review success in meeting priorities at the end of the Strategic Plan cycle.

Composition: SPWG will consist of 5-7 members approved by the ACA Board and will be chaired by the ACA Vice-President.  

Term: Members of SPWG shall serve until the Strategic Plan has been finalized and approved by membership at (or soon after) the 2023 AGM, at which point the Working Group will be dissolved.

Participation and attendance: In order to be a Working Group member, the individual shall be an ACA member in good standing, participate in committee work with timely completion of project tasks, and regularly attend Working Group meetings. An individual who is absent for two consecutive meetings or misses a task submission deadline without providing the Working Group with written or verbal notification and reason for such, shall be deemed to have resigned from the position. 

Meetings: Deadlines for deliverables require frequent and regular meetings, up to 3 times per month. Working Group members will typically correspond via web or teleconference calls and email correspondence.   

Compensation: No compensation shall be made to members of the Working Group for their participation. However, reasonable authorized expenses will be reimbursed. 

Recordkeeping: SPWG members have a duty to document their discussions and decisions to facilitate continuity of operations by using the Association’s approved records keeping system, and ensure its records are filed with the Secretariat. 

Reporting and Accountability: SPWG will report to the ACA Board via the Vice-President and will operate at the discretion of the ACA Board.

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